Boston Balloon Factory


At Boston Balloon Factory, we pride ourselves on personalized balloon décor specially created for each event. Here are some of our most popular types of balloon décor:


Balloon Arches: If you want to draw attention to a specific area at your event, such as the cake table, bridal table, or even the finish line for a race, why not consider a balloon arch in your choice of colors?


Balloon Bouquets: Balloon bouquets make great gifts, as well as centerpieces or standing displays. We can create different heights and even add special balloons to the bouquet, such as our themed foil balloons.


Balloon Centerpieces: Want some centerpieces that are not full balloon bouquets, but incorporate balloons into the design? We would love to help bring your ideas to life!


Balloon Columns: Balloon columns create a wonderful focal point for doorways, to frame the DJ or band onstage, or to simply break up a large space.


Foil and Latex Balloons: We offer a vast collection of both foil and latex balloons, and we can easily mix the two. Just let us know your theme and design ideas, and we can create the perfect customized balloon décor.


Letter and Number Balloons: If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, anniversary, retirement, or other special occasion, why not incorporate some fun letter or number balloons? Spell out the person’s name, number of years with the company, or if you’re feeling really brave, her age.


Selfie Frame Balloons: Everyone loves selfies, so why not make them a bit more festive with a fun selfie frame created from balloons? The photos are sure to make a splash on social media!


Extra Large 3-Foot Balloons: Our huge 3-foot balloons work well as a dramatic standalone or the centerpiece of a balloon bouquet. They come in both colors and prints, and can be enhanced with confetti, ribbons, tassels, and other decorations.


At Boston Balloon Factory, we love a challenge! Call us today at (781) 956-9836 to learn how our customized balloon designs can take your party, wedding, or event to the next level!